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NOTICE: If you inquired about a Gracie Stand within the last 2 weeks and have not heard back, please call Kevin at (612) 802-8583.

Welcome to GracieStands.com

Producers of the Original Gracie Performer’s Stands since 1989.

For 25+ years Gracie Stands has been one of the highest quality and most innovative producers of guitar stands and racks. We have Gracie Performer Stands that fit almost any body, whether it be an acoustic or an electric guitar, and includes room to plug-in. Gracie Performer Stands are telescopic height adjustable, pivot 360° degrees, and can tilt/ lean forwards or backwards. Made with real steel, these stands can take a beating over time and get tossed into the back of tour buses from time to time but our quality parts won’t crack or break under extreme environments.

Our stands lock the guitars into place and keep them from falling or toppling over by themselves. The Performer Stands’ Guitar grips are made of silicone but can be replaced with natural rubber grips if desired. These tips ensure that the guitar is never damaged while locked into the stand.


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Performer Stands & Guitarak Display Stands

Gracie Guitarak Stand

The Gracie Performance Stands are NOT meant for keeping your guitar on display for long periods of time!

For that reason, we produce a simple, lightweight Gracie Guitarak Stand that locks your instrument into place allowing for the guitar to be picked up – with the stand still attached. Our Guitaraks are easy to use, transport and setup. Guitaraks when folded up are only about a half-inch thick and can be carried inside your case or hook it right onto your handle when transporting. Some of the first stands we produced are still being used today with minor part replacement or rubber grip tip replacements needed.


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