Are you the original Gracie Stands?

Yes, we are the real deal. The Gracie stand was invented, designed & personally sold by the late John Gracie. Due to family crisis, Gracie Stands went into hiatus in 2001, John Gracie passed away in 2010.

In 2015, son of John Gracie, Kevin Gracie has taken it upon himself to bring Gracie Stands back into the guitar stand market and is standing by to personally help you get your hands on the best and last guitar stand you’ll ever own.

When did Gracie Stands officially come back?

Back in business as of 2015, and we provide the highest quality guitar stands and racks on earth. Please contact us to reserve yours today, before they sell out!

Did I purchase a fake Gracie Stand?

It has come to our attention that during John Gracie’s absence from 2001-2013, other companies have sold guitar stands with the Gracie Stands labeling. If you purchased a Gracie Stand but it looks nothing like the Gracie Stands featured on this website, please contact us to confirm whether you purchased a knock off brand or the real deal.

Can I purchase replacement parts?

Yes, if your stand is not holding up or missing parts or if parts have become damaged, please call us and let us know how we can help.

Can I buy replacement rubber / silicone tips for my Gracie Stand?

Yes, we sell individual packets of silicone or rubber tips depending on which you prefer. Please check out catalog for more information on grip tips.

Why have you switched from Rubber to Silicone Tips?

Overtime, the natural rubber grip tips dry out and becomes brittle. The silicone tips on our products were manufactured in 2015 and will not dry out. Our silicone tips are also safe for those with allergies as they are hypoallergenic.

Can I leave my guitar locked into the Performance Stands for long periods of time?

The Gracie Performance Stands are very sturdy and reliable but are designed for live performances and practice only. It is highly recommended to remove your guitar from the stands when you are done playing. These stands are not meant to hold the guitar for days on end, especially if you have young children or animals in the house. Also, never use the stand as a coat rack as it may cause the rack to tip and could result in damage to your instrument.