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Kevin & John Gracie of Gracie Enterprises

Gracie Stands has a long history of manufacturing quality stands since 1980 with some of its customers being legends in the music industry.

Gracie Stands LLC was founded as Gracie Enterprises in 1980 by John Gracie, an inventor, engineer of 20 years with Rocketdyne which designed, manufactured and provided every Sature V engine used in the NASA space programs from the APOLLO missions that landed man on the moon to the engines used in every shuttle mission.

When John Gracie retired from Rocketdyne he enjoyed playing the guitar and his ever inventive mind, started inventing better display stands for guitars and other musical instruments.

In 1989 he introduced the Gracie Performer stand for standard acoustic and various styles of guitars, John Gracie ran Gracie Enterprises from his home in Los Angeles during the winter seasons and in the summer months from northern Minnesota ( his place of birth) until his death at 88 in 2010.

Kevin Gracie & Gracie Stands

Kevin Gracie with Gracie Stands on Display

John’s youngest son Kevin, a Certified Surgical Technologist/ Certified Surgical First assistant of 35 Years, accumulated his fathers inventory and studied the business and chose to carry on his fathers legacy. While some of our customers thought Gracie stands went out of business, it never did, in 2001 John Gracie’s wife of 25 years passed away unexpectedly and six months after that he was hit by a car on his daily bicycle ride of 15-30 miles, he sustained a brain injury and while we cared for him, he insisted on running Gracie Enterprises on his own to the best of his ability  and we, his sons respected his wishes.

I promise to provide the best products and customer service, I personally assemble every new Gracie Performer stand “head”, match it to the highest quality base that my father had produced and personally package and ship each Gracie performer stand myself.

If any customer has any questions about the products Gracie Stands produce, I would be happy to personally assist in any capacity,

Kevin Gracie