Gracie Performer Stands

PS – A

Performer Stand for traditional acoustic guitars 4 1/2 – 5 1/2 in wide.

Price: $300


Performer Stand for traditional acoustic guitars or hallow body electric guitars.

Price: $300

PS – E

Performer Stand for solid body electric guitars and electric bass.

Price: $300

Gracie Performer Stands

(Models: PS-A, PS-AS, PS-E)

The Gracie Performer Stand has been in use for over 25 years by artists in recording and live performances providing the ability to switch between acoustic and electric guitars during performances. This steel stand is equipped with telescoping height, collapsible tripod legs, and grips made of silicone or natural rubber to protect your guitar from damage while holding it firmly in place. The Gracie Stand can also pivot 360°, tilt backwards or forwards and requires no straps or hand strength to hold the guitar.

Gracie Performer Stand Features:

  • Easy to Setup
  • No Tools Required
  • Collapsible & Portable
  • Telescopic Adjustable Height
  • 360° Pivot & Tilts Backwards or Forwards
  • Silicone or Rubber Gripping Tips – Non Damaging to Guitars Finish!
  • Stainless Steel Stand Head & Base with Cast Metal Parts, No Plastic Parts!
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty & Product Support

See instructions on setting up a Gracie Performer Stand and placing the guitar.

Gracie Performer Stand Model Types

  • PS-A – Acoustic Guitars
  • PS-E – Solid Body Electric Guitars
  • PS-AS – Hollow Body Electric Guitars

These stands are for use during performing, once fully secured your guitar will remain in place throughout a single song , complete concert or recording session, once finished or if left unattended for long periods we recommend you transfer the guitar to our Guitarak Display Stand or re-case the guitar.

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